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  • Daniela , a Female Hedgehog  come from APOTOS .
Friends call her Dani  (Sonic [[1]] ,Tails [[2]] ,Knuckles[3] ,Charmy[[3]] ,Vector [[4]] )

Daniela 2001

Age : 17

  • Rivals - Amy Rose [5]

Daniela and Amy [6] are Rivals , Because They Love the Same hedgehog [7] and they try everything just to get his attention .But when they are thogether to confront evil   they make a great Team.


  • Daniela is a Brave Girl and Honest and shes always helping those in need help but sometimes when is nothing to do with her she can be very lazy .She is very playful and a little clumsy but when the things get tough she can be quite rude 

Daniela Lives - Apotos

Daniela and tails in sonic x

Tails trying to help Daniela get off the fear of high places in sonic x .

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